Which is the best free WordPress eCommerce plugin

Since WordPress is now the best and easy to manage CMS, you could be thinking of using it for your online store. This tutorial will show you how you can do so using the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is the best and free plugin to develop your online shop with. It has core features that are really great to be true, and it has a lot of free extensions that will make your whole idea a very affordable project and easy to manage.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform. It is absolutely free to use for your business. Nearly 28% of web stores today are run on WooCommerce making it the greatest tool that one can trust for a business that runs entirely online. WooCommerce has about 400 official extensions most of them are free. Extensions add functions to your online store without going out of the plugin itself.

Why choose WooCommerce?

People look at various things surrounding a decision they want to make. In this article, I will tell you why I personally go for WooCommerce. Price may not be the only factor that one should consider. Therefore, here are some of the reasons one may need to consider before going to WooCommerce:

  1. A vast of free extensions and fully supported premium extensions.
  2. Worldwide support including web hosting forums.
  3. WooCommerce can sell anything including downloadable and virtual goods and subscriptions.
  4. Customisable features
  5. Built-in shipping and taxing modules
  6. Country-based selling
  7. Unlimited products
  8. Ajax loading support for the front side
  9. Unlimited galleries and images
  10. Product ratings and reviews

I have just listed a few features that make WooCommerce a great eCommerce platform. If there are other free plugins for WordPress that are really great, WooCommerce surpasses all.


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Disadvantages of WooCommerce

Although WooCommerce is a great platform it should, however, be noted that it has its own weaknesses. Although it is possible to add this plugin to your existing website, it will not work well if your theme was not built with WooCommerce in mind. Some people found it hard to switch to a different theme which may change the looks of their existing website in order to support WooCommerce.

Other free eCommerce Plugins for WP

When I was preparing for this article I was really shocked to notice that there are actually dozens of other free eCommerce plugins in wordpress.org repository. I just picked 5 so that I do not present you with a lot of options which may, in turn, confuse you.

Here is a list of free WordPress plugins to turn your existing website into eCommerce website:

  1. WP Ecommerce
  2. Marketpress
  3. Cart66 Lite
  4. Easy Digital Downloads
  5. Jigoshop


Since you were looking for a free WP plugin, WooCommerce may be a good option for you. However, you need to also check for other free options that you can have. If you are not a developer, you may need to hire a WordPress expert for help with your project. You can also use our free forum to seek assistance from our community.

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